"I was at my wit's end..."

By the time I contacted Meggan, I hadn't slept more than four or five hours a night for eight months. I was at my wit's end and feeling insecure about my parenting capabilities. After just a few short weeks of working with Meggan, my son now goes to sleep without a peep and typically sleeps nine or ten hours straight. Not to mention the help she provided us with weaning from breast to bottle, eating solids and getting on a daily schedule. I now feel confident, knowledgeable and rested and owe it all to her!    -- Brooke Klausmeier

"Not taking naps..."

We are forever grateful to Meggan Hartman and her knowledge about sleep in infants and children. She is flexible, accessible, and easy to work with. When I reached out to Meggan for help, our three and a half month old was sleeping great at night but not taking naps during the day.  With Meggan's gentle hand and constant support, our daughter was taking three naps a day and consistently putting herself to sleep at night.  Meggan's knowledge and love helped us to feel empowered and relaxed!  I highly recommend her!
-- Claire Bjorkholm

"Waking every hour..."

I have been working with Meggan and she has been fantastic. My son is nine months old and with Meggan's help we have gone from him waking every hour and feeding to waking one or two times per night. She is warm and supportive and made a real effort to be there emotionally too as we went through this.  I HIGHLY recommend her if you are struggling with sleep.
--Sandy Newes

"Sleeping in until 7 or 7:30 am..."

We are very happy with the results. Jeff has now been going into Calvin's room with a bottle for the early morning wake up, and Calvin has been sleeping in until 7 am or 7:30 am. We could not have reached our sleeping goals without Meggan's help.  We feel like a new family. A happy, energized and well rested family. --Tamsyn Markham