By the time I contacted Meggan, I hadn't slept more than four or five hours a night for eight months - and that was on a good night. I was at my wit's end -- feeling insecure about my parenting capabilities and my son was fussy all of the time because he was constantly tired.  After just a few short weeks of working with Meggan, my son now goes to sleep without a peep and typically sleeps nine or ten hours straight. Not not to mention the help she provided us with weaning from breast to bottle, eating solids and getting on a daily schedule. I now feel confident, knowledgeable and rested and owe it all to her! My only regret was not contacting her sooner!    -- Brooke Klausmeier


Our six month old daughter had problems sleeping from the time she was born.  She wouldn't sleep unless we were physically holding her, day or night.  We tried several sleep methods over several months and nothing seemed to help. We still had a baby who wouldn't take naps longer than 20 minutes and would wake up several times a night crying for bottles.  After several months of both baby and mom crying, we decided we had tried everything we could and now we needed HELP! From our first conversation with Meggan we were optimistic. All the sleep books in the world can't offer what Meggan can- an actual person to talk to everyday to answer your questions! Three weeks later, our daughter was sleeping 12 hours a night without waking up (no more night bottles!) and was also taking two one-hour naps each day.  It seems like a miracle! You won't regret working with Dr. Hartman!  -- The Harrison Family

We continue to be grateful for Meggan's help last spring.  I don't know what we would have done without her and her advice! She turned our non-self-soothing, not-sleeping-through-the-night six-month-old into a good sleeper, and he's been a good sleeper ever since.  -- Lindsay, Mitch, and Harrison Hyatt

When I initially contacted Meggan, I felt like I was never going to get a good night's sleep again. My four month old daughter had never been a good sleeper, and it seemed to be getting worse.  I was hesitant about doing any kind of sleep training, but Meggan was extremely reassuring and knowledgeable. During our initial consultation I could tell that she knew what she was talking about, would never recommend anything that my baby wasn't ready for, and was willing to work within the parameters of my husband's and my comfort level. After discussing what options would be best for our family and working with us to pick an appropriate time to begin working on our daughter's sleep, we dove in, and I never, ever could have gotten through it without Meggan's support. At seven months old, our daughter now generally goes to bed without a fight and often sleeps through the night, and the whole family is much, much happier! -- Jen Picicci

This morning, my son said, 'I was happy.' I asked, 'When were you happy?' He said, 'When you left the room last night I was feeling happy, not sad.' It's a huge marker of how far we've come and how much has changed from the many tear-filled (both mine and his) nights. I can't thank Meggan enough for helping me find the confidence and trust to follow-through. -- Jill S.

The changes and progress we have made together have been major and we feel so much more confident. Jim has grown leaps and bounds as a father and is so happy and proud that he is able to get Twyla to sleep and spend that time bonding with her! Our next major goal is having a third party put Twyla to sleep. :)  --Jill M.

Our daughter, Kaitlyn, has never been a great sleeper.  Around seven months of age, my husband, Chris, and I were just about at our breaking point. Since her birth, we had not gotten a night of consistent sleep longer than six hours. Kaitlynʼs daytime naps were only 30-45 minutes long and her bedtime ritual was becoming longer and longer, taking up to two hours or more to get her down to sleep at night without nursing and/or holding her.  In addition, she was waking up about three or four times during the night.  Everyone in the family, including Kaitlyn, was exhausted from lack of sleep. In talking with friends, we learned of Meggan Hartman. Out of desperation, we attended one of her sessions.  It was a starting block for us. She provided us with an overview of sleep, infant development, and different sleep training methods ranging in varying degrees of parental involvement.

From this introduction we decided to hire her.  In a very professional and respectful manner, she took the time to thoroughly learn about our current sleeping situation. Meggan met with us in person at our home to better understand our situation. She assessed the psycho-social aspects of our family including conception, postpartum, infant feeding methods, partner relationship, and family sleep history.  She took time to interact with Kaitlyn to better understand her personality and character.  She assessed Kaitlynʼs bedroom and offered ways to improve her sleeping environment. Meggan was always accessible by email and by telephone, available to answer questions, provide support, insight, guidance, and offer strategies to be successful.  The high level of flexibility and respect to work with our family has been priceless. -- The Filipiaks

We are forever grateful to Meggan Hartman and her knowledge about sleep in infants and children. She is flexible, accessible, and easy to work with.When I reached out to Meggan for help, our three and a half month old was sleeping great at night but not taking naps during the day.  With Meggan's gentle hand and constant support, our daughter was taking three naps a day and consistently putting herself to sleep at night.  Meggan's knowledge and love helped us to feel empowered and relaxed!  I highly recommend her to anyone on a 'sleep journey' with their precious child. -- Claire Bjorkholm

I have been working with Meggan Hartman, infant sleep consultant,  and she has been fantastic.  My son is nine months old and we have gone from him waking every hour and feeding to waking one or two times per night with her help. She also offered very helpful suggestions as far as eating, etc.  She is very warm and supportive and made a real effort to be there emotionally too as we went through this.  I HIGHLY recommend her if you are struggling with sleep. --Sandy Newes

I really enjoyed this group.  I got out of it everything I was looking for it to be.  A safe, open space to go to each week, informative/helpful/useful information about my baby's development, and an outlet for some very pent up creative expression!  I enjoyed hearing and sharing 'check-ins' about the week -- because where we're coming from as mothers is changing so much, it is so great to hear others say exactly what I'm thinking myself, AND to hear others say things that I thought last week, or I feel a certain way later and remember that I heard someone else describe that same feeling ... just so encouraging and reassuring to hear others' experiences.  -- Becca Nestler

We are very happy with the results. Jeff has now been going into Calvin's room with a bottle for the early morning wake up, and Calvin has been sleeping in until 7 am or 7:30 am. We could not have reached our sleeping goals without Meggan's help.  We feel like a new family. A happy, energized and well rested family. --Tamsyn Markham

Meggan has been our lifesaver! We decided to work with Meggan when our nine month old wouldn't stay asleep at night. We were a mess.  Meggan was extremely knowledgeable about our daughter's developmental stages and sleep needs. She was able to navigate us through these rough waters with a clear, precise plan. She also gave us such great, much needed moral support.  Now we are much more confident parents when it comes to sleep. Thank you so much, Meggan! -- Bethany and Damien Hoffman