Soul of Motherhood 9 Week Series Workshop

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Soul of Motherhood 9 Week Series Workshop


Join other moms to explore the joys, confusion and complexity of motherhood. Through the use of facilitated dialog, open sharing and expressive arts, we will cover topics that range from the practical and tactical aspects of responding to your baby’s needs to the development of the maternal identity. Topics covered but not limited to:

  • The development of maternal self-compassion
  • The development of the maternal identity
  • The emotional and mental development of babies
  • Developing maternal self-compassion through restorative yoga
  • Sex and relationship after baby
  • Baby sleep

This class is for first time parents or parents who are transitioning to multiple children. Babies need to be between 0-12 months.  Due to the nature of the space, babies cannot be walking but non-walking babies are welcome to join the class.

Guest Speakers:

Dr Kelley Wolfe, PhD & Founder of Mountain Sexology

Rebecca Willman, Restorative Yoga Practitioner

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