Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the Millette Method

There are multiple ways to "train" your baby or toddler to sleep through the night.  As a clinical psychologist and mother I am intimately aware of the fact that one method does not fit every child or family.  Having an approach that includes multiple methods as well as understanding all the variables that can play out in infant/child sleep is important to me.  This is why I chose the Millette Method™ to be trained in.  The Millette Method™ is an inter-disciplinary and evidence-based sleep approach that utilizes a “thinking outside of the box” style for solving sleep issues in infant and young children.  The Millette Method™ takes into account family schedule, infant/toddler/child development, temperament, attachment, and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental well-being, milk supply and feeds, depression, and anxiety.  The Millette Method™ uses multiple sleep methods and sleep arrangements.

Meggan was one of the first two trainees that Angelique, founder of the Millette Method™, selected to be trained.  Meggan successfully completed the two-year, intensive, one-on-one training with Angelique.  In 2013, Meggan stepped out on her own as a Master Sleep Trainer and has since helped hundreds of families find sleep solutions that work for the whole family.   Meggan works with families with children zero to four years old.  My clients come from major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Miami to small regional areas like Asheville, NC. 

From Angelique - about the method:

The Millette Method™ Pediatric Sleep Consultant Program is the most comprehensive, evidence-based
training program, Tool-Box Sleep Solutions™ for pediatric sleep consultants in the US and
Canada. The program requires 2 years of training one-on-one with program developer and founder
Dr. Angelique Millette. The Millette Method™ Pediatric Sleep Consultant Program is the only program
in the country that requires that all enrolled practitioners have an MA, MS, PhD, or PsyD and also
Lactation Educator training. All of the practitioners have a background in Child Development,
Family Systems Approach, Infant Mental Health, Perinatal Mental Health including Postpartum
Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia, Lactation Education and/or Consulting, and Counseling.
Developed over 20 years by sleep researcher, sleep consultant, and child therapist Dr. Angelique
Millette, The Millette Method™ is an evidence-based family sleep approach informed by scientific
research in child development, resiliency, sleep science, lactation, perinatal mental health,
attachment, culture, neuropsychology, and family systems. The Millette Method™ practitioners
believe that families do best if sleep methods are in line with their parenting philosophy. Millette
Method™ practitioners also take into account developmental windows, regressions, child
temperament, feeding method, attachment, history, degree of sleep deprivation, and sleeping
arrangement. The Millette Method™ practitioners are personally selected by Dr. Millette to be a part
of the team because of their specific contributions to the fields of family systems, child
development, social work, counseling, psychology, education, lactation, attachment, health/
wellness, and sleep.

The Millette Method™ Sleep Consultants:
• Must have an MA, MS, PhD, PsyD in Child Development, Clinical Psychology, Counseling, Social
Work, Education or related field
• Must be trained as a Lactation Educator or Consultant
• 2 Year Training Program (Infant/Toddler/Child Sleep)
• Continued case presentation and education
• Comfortable working with the Tool-Box Sleep Solutions™ including parent checking, parent
proximity, bedtime fading, schedule changes, and no-low cry method
• Comfortable working with a range of sleep arrangements and parenting philosophies
• Comfortable working with families with a culturally sensitive perspective
• Work in collaboration with parents, pediatrician, lactation consultants, feeding specialists, sleep
disorders clinics, physical and occupational therapists, and other practitioners and doctors
• Provide lectures to nationally and internationally recognized parenting and professional
• Write editorial content for various peer-reviewed scientific journals, parenting blogs, websites,
magazines, contributions to various sleep and parenting books, videos, PSA’s
• Develop professional guidelines and standard of care for safe sleep interventions that take into
account the most recent science from a range of disciplines and fields
• Develop standard of care both nationally and internationally for families based on newest science
from a range of disciplines and fields both nationally and internationally
• Consult to Fortune 500 companies, non-profit agencies, military, government agencies, hospitals,
daycares, schools, and universities

There is currently no licensing board or true certification program for sleep consultants in the US.
Anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a sleep consultant in the US. Please keep that in
mind as you are choosing your sleep consultant.