Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the Millette Method

There are multiple ways to "train" your baby or toddler to sleep through the night. As both a clinical psychologist and a mother, I am intimately aware of the fact that one method does not fit every child or family. Having an approach that includes multiple methods as well as understanding all the variables that can play out in infant/child sleep is important to me. This is why I chose to train in the Millette Method™. The Millette Method™ is an inter-disciplinary and evidence-based sleep approach that utilizes a “thinking outside of the box” style for solving sleep issues in infants and young children. The Millette Method™ takes into account family schedule, infant/toddler/child development, temperament, attachment and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental well-being, milk supply and feeds, depression and anxiety. The Millette Method™ uses multiple sleep methods and sleep arrangements.

I was one of the first two trainees that Dr. Angelique Millette, founder of the Millette Method™, selected to be trained. I successfully completed the two-year, intensive one-on-one training with Angelique and in 2013 stepped out on my own as a Master Sleep Trainer and since have helped hundreds of families find sleep solutions that work for the whole family.  Currently, I am the only Pediatric Sleep Consultant on the East Coast trained in the Millette Method™.  I work with families with children zero to four years old.  My clients come from major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Miami as well as smaller regional areas like Asheville, NC.