Because sometimes motherhood isn’t intuitive...

Becoming a mother is a poignant, transformational moment.  It requires a woman to shed aspects of herself that are no longer relevant and to create a new way of being with herself, her family and her surrounding community.  It requires her to develop her maternal identity.

In the course of developing her motherhood identity, the mother is asked to respond to a multitude of unique situations that can change and evolve as the child develops. This process has the potential to generate feelings of being incompetent, overwhelmed and alone. It can also trigger not feeling genuine or not being supported by community or culture. 

When care is given to the mother, this identity-building process can become a more joyful and creative process. I give care to the mother by helping her understand her child's developmental changes, her child's sleep needs, restoring maternal sleep and navigating the demands that come from being a workingor stay-at-home mother. I create an individualized plan for each mother that takes into consideration her unique family situation while also tending to her mind, body and soul.

I offer supportive guidance and help facilitate a mother's process in finding her voice and authentic identity as a mother and also help her motherhood identity rest peacefully next to other aspects of herself. I help mothers find sure-footedness on the twisting and undulating path of parenting.

Motherhood is the ability to improvise on-the-spot, those unexpected behaviors that come from within; of spontaneously creating and changing patterns and behavioral sequences that have never been performed exactly like that before and yet are seen a million times over; of flexibility altering pitch and tone and speak and modality unthinkingly as you go along . . . . This system of variability within structure is one to which both infant and caregiver bring the necessary behaviors and responsitivities so that it is set to run with the surety and robustness.
— Daniel Stern